The arrival in a big city for the first time by car is always baffling and disquieting but we offer below a series of tips to help making it easier at your arrival and simplify your visit in Barcelona.

Where to park in Barcelona?

We recommend you to leave the car in a parking during your stay as the easiest way to discover Barcelona is using the public transport (metro, bus and taxi). To park is almost impossible in the streets and the car parkings are not cheap, to this we have to add the traffic and the loss of time to find a parking place.

The average price for 24 hours is 25-30 euros.
The average price of fraction / time: 3 euros
Prices may vary depending on the parking and the area, the most central are the most expensive.

There are many car parkings in Barcelona although the prices are expensive to leave the car for a day or a few hours, but there are special prices for long stays (from 3 days) that is more interesting for your pocket.

We recommend before your arrival to consult the see website, as it has a wide range of more than 50 car parkings in the city and you can make your online reservation before your arrival. Among the wide range of car parkings you can choose the one closest to your accommodation, you only have to insert the address where you will be staying at Barcelona and they will indicate you the closest place.

Parclick indicative prices:

  • 1 days 25 euros
  • 3 days 45 euros
  • 7 days 69 euros

All parkings offered on the web are in Barcelona, do not worry if one is full as you could park anywhere else although it may be a bit farer from your destination, the public transport reaches all corners of the city, so that you could move without any problem.

We recommend you to book your parking before coming to Barcelona, otherwise once in the city you will have to spend a lot of time and nerves before finding a parking at the price you want.

The most economical parking Barcelona

– Parking of Fòrum Square

They have a special parking fee for long stays, paying 39.90 euros for stays with a minimum of five days and 7.50 euros per additional day for longer stays .IMPORTANT! If you remove the vehicle during your stay and return to park it you will have to pay the special rate again as this price only applies to continuous parking.

It is open 24 hours and the communication with the city center is fast because it has the yellow line (4) Metro stop, Maresme – Forum.

Address: Z. Forum, s / n

Where to park for free in Barcelona?

If you want to leave your car in a central location without paying this is impossible in Barcelona but there are still some areas in the city where the payment system has not been installed yet. Most of these areas are not central but they have public transports (subway or bus) by and from where you can move to the central areas without any problem. It is a solution to consider, although the car will not be as safe as in a parking place.

You can consult these free zones in the web of the city of Barcelona:

The gray areas are those where you can park for free, you can make the query in Spanish, Catalan and English.

We also have a good news:
Parking in August in Barcelona is free in all neighborhoods !!

Useful informations

  •  From the border with France the quickest way is to take the A7 motorway to Barcelona, the toll is not cheap and the approximate cost is about 18 euros from the border of La Jonquera but it’s more comfortable and safer.
  • Coming from the center of Spain you can come by highway from Madrid through Zaragoza or from Valencia through Tarragona until Barcelona, the cost depends on the route that you will do but it is not economical.

You can also get from Madrid through Zaragoza and Lleida by the highway that is free and as fast as the motorway.