This is the less used airport by travelers coming to Barcelona, it is located in the town of Reus, a town in the province of Tarragona, located at 123 kilometers from Barcelona and only 15 kilometers from Tarragona.

Travel by bus from Reus airport to Barcelona

The best way comparing comfort – price to travel from Reus airport to the center of Barcelona is the company Hispano Igualadina connecting the airport to the bus station of Sants, where you will find the metro lines L5 (blue) and L3 (green) that will connect you to any area of the city.

The ticket price for each tour: 15,50 euros
The journey takes about 1 hour 45 minutes

It is advisable to check timetables on the website of the Spanish Igualadina as they can vary:


Displacement by train from Reus airport to Barcelona

The train is also a way to get to Barcelona from the Reus Airport, but the price is similar to the bus and you will have to make an additional transfer because you first will have to travel from the airport (the bus departs from the same terminal) to the city of REUS and there take the train to Barcelona.

Displacement in taxi from the Reus airport to Barcelona

The taxi is the most comfortable but also the most expensive option to reach Barcelona. The taxi area is in the same airport and the fare will be marked by the taximeter, regardless other supplements that may be generated in each case. The price of the service does not vary depending on the number of people traveling in the vehicle.

The approximate service price is about 150 euros.