A genuine market

It is a different and very lively market, and it really worth a visit, if you are walking in the Raval you can get close to make a visit to this market situated in a modernist building and included in the catalog of historical and artistic heritage of Barcelona. Discover through this market the real Barcelona out of typical tourist circuits.

Monday through Friday-Food

Open from 9 h to 20 h

During the week are open food shops where you can find all kinds of fresh fruits, vegetables, fresh fish, seafood, etc …

Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday – Textile

Open from 9 h to 20 h

In this market you will also find during 4 days a week the Mercat dels Encants where you could buy all sorts of household linen, handbags, lingerie, footwear and clothing for men and women.

Sunday – Collectibles, books, music, etc …

Hours: 8:30 am to 14:30 pm

This is the day when many inhabitants of Barcelona music and reading lovers come up to this market that offers a variety of collectors’ items of first and second hand. You can find almost everything: books, comics, badges, coins, banknotes, video games, cds, etc ….

To shop and look around it is great! You will see the typical atmosphere of the city without so many tourists than in the Boqueria market.

Curiosities: The origins of the market go back to the nineteenth century, Paral.lel Avenue began to sell textiles and early in the twentieth century they moved near the Mercat de Sant Antoni.

Where it is located: Ronda Sant Antoni, 15

– Metro: L2 / lilac, stop Sant Antoni



The Boqueria market is located on the famous Ramblas of Barcelona, it is the best known and the oldest of Barcelona’s markets. It is a paradise for the senses, full of life, smells and sensations that make their way between the busy comings and goings of the people striving for the good job of buying and selling.

In a few years it has gone from being an important market for the city to be one of the best touristic attractions of Barcelona.

It is a market frequented by all sorts of people from Barcelona and tourists but nevertheless it still retains its authenticity.

More than 2 centuries old

The origin of the market is unclear. What seems certain is that it was born as a street market located on the Ramblas in Barcelona, ideal place for marketing food products, from the early twelfth century the place had been occupied by tables of meat and other products, later country men from other villages and farms of the area started to arrive and installed there in order to sell their products. In 1794 the market of Palla was created, and with the passing time it took the name of the Boqueria market.

Where to eat in the Boqueria market?

We recommend toreserve a day of your vacation in Barcelona to go to eat at La Boqueria Market, it is a different and an authentic experience. The products are fresh and of top quality and in a total different environment that you have never known so far. There are all kinds of establishments, some propose takeaways and others offer a good meal in inside their establishments.

We propose the two best known bars in the market for eating, prices are not cheap but good food is guaranteed.

Quim of the Boqueria

In this restaurant you will find dishes of all kinds. Vegetables of the day as roasted artichokes, peppers, wild, pump cap from mushrooms sauted with onions, asparagus and many more house specialties like prawns with garlic, oxtail or huummm! delicious squid eggs!


Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: 7.00 am to 16.00

Friday and Saturday: 7.00 h to 17.00 h

The Boqueria Pinotxo

Pinotxo is an institution in the bustling Mercat de la Boqueria, a bar with a dozen stools where the owner cooks the best products of the day with spectacular results. His specialty is shrimp and fideuá among many other dishes.


Monday to Saturday: 6.00 h a- 17.00

Useful informations

– We recommend you to go early in the morning, it is when the market is quieter and you could enjoy the colors as well as the environment of the local people, later on it will be full of tourists.

– Early in the morning it is when you can make the best pictures, without too much people in the stalls.

– Beware of thieves !, they perfectly know that when the places are crowded they can steal without any problems, keep in mind that it is one of the most visited tourist area of Barcelona.

– In a few stalls you will find well-cut and ready to eat fruit, in summer it is delicious!

Where it is located: La Rambla # 91,

– Metro: Liceu, line 3 (green)

Open Monday to Saturday from 8 h to 20.30 h.


If you do not want to spend a lot of money eating, you can enjoy a hearty breakfast both at Pinotxo and at Quim early in the morning which is the best time to visit the Boqueria market.


This market located in the popular Eixample district is one of the most famous of Barcelona but quite unknown to tourists, its peculiarity is that in addition to the typical stalls of fruit, vegetables, meat, etc … It also sells flowers and plants of all types.

The market was built in 1888 and is set in a beautiful modernist building with large windows and iron structure with a total area of about 4000 square meters close to the Passeig de Gracia.

Why is it also called the Flower Market?

Gradually florists have been settling at the Mercat de la Concepció, giving the name of the current market, if you like flowers and plants, do not hesitate to come up to this market and get lost amidst the fragrances of flowers. The shops are open 24 hours a day.


– If you want to visit a typical Barcelona market peacefully and away from the touristic places.

– Just a street beside the market you will find the Church of the Conception, do not miss it, its cloister is one of the most beautiful and authentic that exists in Barcelona. A beautiful spot hidden from the masses and really worth visiting. (link to the church)


During the first weekend of June, when the popular feasts of the right side of the Eixample district take place, market vendors of the Conception wear antique dresses to celebrate these feasts. No doubt these are the best days to visit the market.

Where it is located: Aragó Street, 313,

– Metro: Girona (L4-Yellow)

Open Monday to Saturday from 8am to 15 pm Tuesday and Friday from 8 to 20 h

Flower Market (Access from Valencia Street), 24 hours a day every day of the week.


Santa Caterina market is the second oldest market in Barcelona after the Boqueria market, it was restored in 2005 with confidence, it’s a small wonder in the district of Ribera in Ciutat Vella. It has a nice roof shaped ceramic multicolor waves on a wooden structure, which covers all market stands. Under this original roof a very colorful food market is hidden and will certainly not disappoint the visitors.

Where to eat in the market of Santa Caterina?
For those who want to eat fresh products, it is worth making a stop at the famous restaurant les Cuines De Santa Caterina, which is located in the same market and which can sample some tapas dishes.

Where it is located: Avinguda Francesc Cambo # 16 – El Born.

– Metro: Jaume I Line 4

Open Mondays from 7:30 am to 14pm. Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday from 7:30 am to 3:30 p.m.

Thursday and Friday from 7:30 am to 20.30h.


Formerly where the market is now located was the Convent of Santa Catarina, after the Spanish Civil War, the convent became the supply center of food products for the populations near Barcelona and in the city itself.