Picasso Museum Barcelona

The Picasso Museum Barcelona is one of the many attractions you can find in Barcelona. Aware of the important work of Picasso, the Museum that bears his name attempts to explore, through different activities, in his life and in his work. The Picasso Museum Barcelona, located on Carrer Montcada 15-23, Barcelona offers different types of workshops and courses to learn more about the idea that Picasso had on his work. Without any doubt, contemplating the pictorial collection is a delight for any visitor. It is an important event that cannot rest unseen.

Works such as “Las Meninas”, “Seated man”, “Harlequin” or “Science and charity” give us an idea of the artistic evolution and art of a figure that marked a before and an after in the conception of colors. The Picasso Museum has the most comprehensive collection of the works of the famous and renowned painter from Malaga. Its collection consists of a total of 4,249 works, covering the different stages of the genius. With respect to the visits to the Museum, the visitor has the possibility of a guide commented on both the permanent exhibition and other temporary exhibitions which delve into more specific aspects of his work.

If you are visiting Barcelona you have to think that you’re in a cosmopolitan city with many tourist attractions. And, without a doubt, one of these visits is to see in person the works of Picasso. It is a luxury, because we are talking about a universal artist, that goes beyond all borders and that it has been recognized and studied. Be present in front of one of his paintings, see his brushstrokes, the use of forms and colors, the light that employs, is an experience that brings you closer to the magic of art.


“Museu Picasso- detall entrada” by Jaume Meneses – Barris – La Ribera. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Commons – https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Museu_Picasso-_detall_entrada.jpg#/media/File:Museu_Picasso-_detall_entrada.jpg