Barcelona is not a dangerous city, but it has a problem with pickpockets and thieves, simply by taking a few precautions you will prevent problems of theft.
– Have controlled the purse or backpack at all times in the crowded tourist spots and also in the subway.
– Carry only the money and necessary items.
– Wear your wallet or purse closed, crossed banner, conspicuously and in front of the body.
– Be wary of pushing and suspicious approaches.
– Avoid using ATMs in opening hours of offices outside office hours, choose the indoor ATMs and do not forget to lock the door while inside.
– Do not leave your purse hanging on the back in a cafe or restaurant terrace.
– On the beach wary of people who offer masseuse services.

Where there are more robberies in Barcelona it is in the tourist areas, especially in the Ramblas, the Gothic zone and the metro, on the beach there are also thieves who are awaiting the distracted tourists.

Techniques to steal


The thieves use very multifarious techniques to steal tourists, here are some examples:

  • The dove spots: an adult or a young man comes up behind a person, usually a retired person who just withdrew money from the bank or a tourist, and they normally soiled the back of the sweater or coat. Very friendly, they alert you of the spot and help you to clean it, while they take advantage to steal your wallet.
  • The click wheel: The targets are tourists who come by car to Barcelona. They act on two motorcycles, one is driven by a single person and the other one by a couple. When the victim does not realize, they pierce a wheel of the vehicle. Then they offer to help and while one speaks with the victim, the others steal the belongings from the rear window or from the trunk.
  • The signature seekers: They are minors and simulate deaf mutism, asking for money and signatures for various diseases, it is when they take advantage of a leverage distraction of the tourists to rob them.
  • False tourists: Acting as tourists, they are well dressed and seem to be normal tourists, they usually carry a map of Barcelona and while they ask for information to their victim they unscrupulously steal them.


  • On the beaches and in the center there are peddling. They are illegal and products offered are of dubious origin and quality. Our recommendation is to not buy these products to avoid scams.
  • Along the Rambla you will find gamblers and other illegal activities, these activities are carried out without permission and are always for deceptive purposes.

Apart from the typical thefts, there are no other problems in Barcelona, it is a very safe city where you can walk through any neighborhood peacefully.
Do not worry so much about thefts and enjoy Barcelona.
We can only wish you a happy and peaceful stay!

What to do after a Robbery

Thieves use good techniques, they are discreet and effective if you are distracted. Normally they avoid confrontations even if the victim realizes it has been stolen.

The armed robberies and intimidation are rare, but we advise you anyway not to show resistance and do what says the thief, it will only be a good scare.

6 tips in case of theft in Barcelona. Find below a series of tips to follow if you have the bad luck to have suffered a robbery.

1) Call immediately the police and give them the exact address of the establishment where they robbed you and provide them a contact number too.

2) If you need medical assistance, call the following numbers: 061 or 112.

3) Cancel rapidly the credit cards as the thieves know they have little time to use them and will try to take advantage in the first course of time, although they usually go for the cash.

4) Do not touch anything that may demonstrate the trails of footprints and other clues of the authors.

5) Note the physical characteristics of the thieves and details that may help police to identify them later: clothing, direction of flight, vehicle registration, etc.

6) Try to act calmly and prudently in situations of risk or intimidation. Do not attempt to be heroic. Remember that the safety of people is the most important.

Where to go in case of theft

Go to the police station and register a complaint, although it will be difficult to recover your belongings, you will need it for the insurance company.

Most central police stations in Barcelona (

Ciutat Vella

Address: CalleNou de la Rambla, 76-78 – Barcelona
Phone: 112/93 306 23 00
Language translators available (call ahead to confirm)


Address: Plaçad’Espanya, s / n – Barcelona
Phone: 112/93 300 22 96
Language translators available (call previously to confirm)

Sants – Montjuic

Address: CalleUlldecona, 35 – Barcelona
Phone: 112/93 267 56 00

Les Corts

Address: Travessera de les Corts, 319-321 – Barcelona
Phone: 112/93 495 97 00

Horta – Guinardo

Address: Calle de la Marina, 347-349 – Barcelona
Phone: 112/93 326 82 00

Sant Martí

Address: Calle de Bolivia, 30-32 – Barcelona
Phone: 112/93 300 22 96