Practical information about Prat Airport

>>>Practical information about Prat Airport
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By |April 1st, 2015|

Prat Airport: The main airport to reach Barcelona

It is the closest International Airport to Barcelona, located just 18 kilometers from the city center. From the Prat airport many planes arrive and depart to numerous cities of Europe and there are also direct flights to other destinations of other continents. […]

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Barcelona Weather

By |March 15th, 2015|

Barcelona Weather

Barcelona has a Mediterranean climate, with hot summers and mild winters. It procures plenty of sun most of the year and rainy days are few. There are not many days with extreme temperatures, hot or cold, so the annual average of Barcelona is moderate, typical of a mild Mediterranean climate. The best website to check the weather is the official spanish site.

Check the Barcelona weather for the next week. That website also offers a very accurate forecast per hour for the next day. […]

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