Barcelona Stadium Tour

While Barcelona is known worldwide for its fantastic architecture, mild weather and lively night, among other, the city is also home for, arguably, one of the best European football teams, the FC Barcelona.

The team has surpassed its centenary several years ago and consequently it has a rich story behind which keeps encourage youngsters around the world to pursue their goals, whether they are metaphoric or real football field ones. We are compelled to remind our readers that many of the greatest players worldwide have states during their careers interest in joining the club.

A Barcelona stadium tour is compulsory and allows to enjoy not only the aforementioned story, but the amazing building of the Camp Nou stadium. The Museu Fútbol Club Barcelona as it is commonly referred (its actual name is Museu President Núñez, in honor of the original founder) which is currently located within the stadium, is the most visited museum in al Catalonia for a reason. There you can enjoy the shiny trophies that the football club has gathered over the present and past centuries, as well as medals and prizes from the basketball, hockey and handball teams which do also compete at high level. If their outstanding achievements is not what you are looking for, you will also be able to enjoy a vast range of memorabilia, like the first ball to have ever been used in a match, to signatures of live legends like Johan Cruyff, going through all kind of equipment used by the most memorable members of the club.

If you find yourself lucky, you can try to buy one of the Barcelona tickets for the next match. These are fairly difficult to obtain, football is the top entertainment show in Spain, but with a bit of planning in advance it is totally possible for the average match. If you want to experience the true roar of the public, the passion the Spaniards put in their cheers and the most competitive match, your choice is The Derby, which is almost a national party, and it’s no other thing that FC Barcelona facing RC Madrid, the biggest of all events in the country. Chances to get the passes are slim but you can join the mob in the bars while you enjoy some tapas and good beer in any case and have a lot of fun.

Do not forget to learn about such important part of the Catalonian culture if you ever visit Barcelona, you will not be disappointed.