This is an option for visiting Barcelona without depending on the public transport and it does not require much effort, keep in mind that Barcelona has some down hills that with this type of bicycle you will overcome effortlessly.
It is an ideal mean of transport to visit Barcelona in a few days, and you’ll save time in moving from one place to another. Another point in its favor is that Barcelona has an ideal climate most of the year that will make you enjoy its 180 kilometers of bike paths distributed in all areas of the city.

Cheer up! It’s a good way to discover Barcelona, nice, funny and tirelessly.

Guiding prices, all shops have similar prices:

  • 2 hours rental: 12-16 € depending on the type of bike
  • 4 hours rental: 15-22 € depending on the type of bike
  • 8 hours rental: 20-32 € depending on the type of bike

Here we offer you an agency that combines electric bicycle rental with guided tours in Barcelona

We Barcelona


It has several shops:

We Boutique Catedral (Electric Bikes Shop)
Montjuic del Bisbe, 3-08002 Barcelona
T: +34 934 122 853

Boutique We Passeig de Gràcia (Barcelona Private Tours)
PassatgeConcepció, 7-08008 Barcelona
T: +34 934 676 178

A part from the electric bike rental, if you prefer you can hire a tour of Barcelona with a guide to take you to see the most interesting sites of the circuit that you have chosen.

They are especially nice to ride cycling circuits that go near Barcelona beach or the mountain of Montjuic, they also have cultural tours and others with a large number of different themes, the night tour is especially pleasant in summer when the city is quieter and you could see it illuminated including the beautiful Montjuic fountain at night that will take you to a special dimension.

Enter here for Barcelona guided circuits.