Barcelona, like Madrid or Seville, is a city with lots of bars, pubs and clubs which are distributed in several areas.

Gracia district

This is the area for bohemians and it’s full of cafés and bars like Sol de Nit, in Plaza de Sol, and the Café del Teatre, both places where you can have a quiet drink. We also recommend you visiting the Bar St. Germain and enjoy a cocktail while sitting down comfortably in a sofa.

If you are in a mood for dancing or listening to music, don’t forget to pop in to the Bar Vinyl, especially if you like Rolling Stones or Beatles. For latin music lovers there is a nice place: the Cuban Bar Raïm. And if you are a retro-pop fan, Disco Duvet is your choice, a classic in the area.

The Eixample

It’s a district where you’ll find some of the best clubs in Barcelona. Slow Disco is one of them; the new Disco Astoria, a former theater, will be another choice, and the Bar Premier is your place if you like cosmopolitan spots. Finally, Sante Bar will surprise you: a snack bar at noon and a cocktail bar in the evenings.

The Gothic Quarter

Disco Jamboree and the Harlem Jazz Nightclub are our first two recommendations for jazz lovers. Sidecar is the right place to enjoy some good live music and Karma Nightclub somewhere to listen to excellent rock. ¿Fancy a pint of beer?. Then go to Molly’s Fair City. Another suggestion is the Qbar Bar, a very stylish place behind a very austere entrance.

The Poble Nou

This is the area of big clubs where the party lasts until dawn. Three spots: Razzmatazz, a concert hall and a nightclub with 5 atmospheres; the Merlin, a restaurant and club, and the Be Good Club, a concert and Jam Sessions hall.

The Olympic Port

Catwalk is the trendy nightclub thanks to its atmosphere and selected music. Another interesting site in Shoko disco, designed with a touch of Feng-shui style. And finally, we suggest you the Bestial Bar & Lounge where you can also enjoy an outdoor sitting.